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A Department of Justice recognized legal office that provides low-cost immigration legal services

Immigrant Connection provides legal assistance to individuals who are seeking assistance with issues relating to immigration, such as Family and Marriage Based Petitions, Naturalization Petitions, Lawful Permanent Resident and Employment Authorization renewals, Adjustment of Status, Consular Processing, DACA, TPS, Non-Immigrant Visas, and Religious Worker Visas.

A $40 office visit/legal consultation fee is due at your first appointment and must be paid prior to speaking with the Immigration Legal Representative. This is in addition to any legal or filing fees that will be required for your case.

If you need advice or assistance with any of these services, or simply need help understanding what options you may have under the law, you can schedule an initial consultation with one of our Legal Representatives. During the consultation, we will carefully review your case and make sure you understand the benefits and risks associated with your situation, then offer you advice on how to proceed. 


Please call our legal office at 574-735-0000 to schedule an appointment.  An initial consultation costs $40.

We are a part of the Immigrant Connection National Network of church-based immigration legal services office - for more info:

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